Leading the transformation of Egypt's entrepreneurship ecosystem
Egypt Ventures is an investment firm focused on empowering the entrepreneurial ecosystem by investing in venture capital firms, accelerators and high growth enterprises.

Message from the Minister

Unlocking Egypt’s entrepreneurial potential and supporting the creation of a vibrant and supportive ecosystem is a core mission of the Ministry and we have taken bold strides to that end. I am proud to present this latest endeavor which is a milestone towards boosting entrepreneurship, nurturing innovation, and cultivating a conducive investment landscape. Egypt Ventures represents our confidence in what our young Egyptian entrepreneurial population can achieve, and our commitment to provide them with the necessary tools to do so. By co-investing in venture capital firms, accelerators and high growth enterprises, we are ensuring that innovative firms are given the opportunity to transform their ideas into reality, allowing them to grow and expand. As entrepreneurs are the main drivers of economic prosperity, this in turn will generate employment, especially in emerging fields; promote economic growth; and raise standards of living. Through expanding opportunities for our young population, and supporting them in fulfilling their potential as successful entrepreneurs, we are creating new avenues for Egypt’s development, avenues that rely on investing in our most productive asset… the Egyptian people.

H.E. Dr. Sahar Nasr, Minister of Investment and International Cooperation