Almentor, Leading Arab Self-learning Platform, Launches Multiple Community Awareness Initiatives, Culminating its Social and Cultural Responsibility Role

  • January 10, 2021

Almentor, the leading Arab self-learning platform, is preparing to launch several online awareness and educational initiatives, in partnership with Arab and international companies and associations, culminating its societal role and responsibility of promoting the culture of learning as a right for all.

Almentor platform had previously collaborated with the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity to launch the online platform of the Mawada initiative, through which a large team of leading experts and public figures in Egypt offer a free training course aimed at raising the awareness of young people about to be married and providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to build successful households.

Almentor’s cooperation with Etisalat Misr for sustainable development and many other non-governmental and governmental institutions also seeks to support the right of the deaf and hard of hearing in Egypt through the launch of an educational initiative that offers words filmed in sign language in various fields. The initiative also provided 10,000 free coupons to the deaf and hard of hearing, enabling them to receive free sign language training.

In a new initiative to kickstart the year, Almentor is collaborating with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to launch the UNFPA project. Through its online platform, the project offers a training program to develop and train young people who would be qualified to raise awareness on reproductive health and other topics throughout all governorates of Egypt.

Dr. Ihab Fikri, founder and CEO of Almentor, is proud of the platform’s active role and contribution to these leading initiatives that will make a difference in the lives of many members of society. It is worth mentioning that Almentor owns a digital library full of training courses, books, and words filmed in sign language, making it one of the largest educational platforms in the Arab region and the whole world.